How to Prevent Leishmaniasis in Your Dog in Europe

Protect your dog from leishmania

Summertime and the months either side are the most popular time of year to head to Europe, including if you’re travelling with your dog. But did you realise that you need to be wary of the disease known as Leishmaniasis across most of southern Europe? Read on to find out more about this disease and … Read more

Should I Visit Venice With My Dog?

Visit Venice with Dog

Venice is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe. However, thanks to overcrowding, particularly in the summer months, there are many who advise skipping the city altogether. Dogs and crowds are not the best combination when travelling, so should you visit Venice with your dog in tow; is it a sensible … Read more

Dog-Friendly Czech Republic: Travelling with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Czech Republic

It was on my first visit to the Czech Republic, prior to flying to Europe with my dog Schnitzel, that my eyes were opened up to how dog-friendly Europe is and the possibilities of travelling with a dog in Europe (unlike my native Australia). It was a cold winters day in Prague, just a few … Read more

Should I Visit Mont-Saint-Michel with My Dog?

Mont-Saint-Michel with dog

Mont-Saint-Michel is an iconic destination to visit in France, attracting around 3 million visitors per year. However, due to restrictions put in place to handle these crowds (you should see the carpark, it’s huge!), it may not be the best destination to visit with your dog. If you’re planning on stopping at this landmark on … Read more

Dog-Friendly Lake Bled: Visiting Lake Bled with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Lake Bled

Lake Bled in northern Slovenia is a fairy-tale destination that’s increasingly popular with visitors from around the world. Even if you haven’t heard of it, you’ve probably seen photos of this small lake with its tiny island, topped by a centuries old church.  And the delights of this area don’t stop there: there’s also many … Read more

Dog-Friendly Slovenia: Travelling in Slovenia with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Slovenia

The country of Slovenia is one of the hidden gems of Europe. Tucked away in between Italy and Croatia, it’s one of our favourite countries in all of Europe. There’s beautiful mountain scenery, plentiful history and a sliver of coastline, not to mention it’s more affordable than the surrounding countries (yet most young people speak … Read more

Dog-Friendly Norway: Travelling in Norway with a Dog

Taking dog overseas from Australia

While I wouldn’t list Norway as one of the most dog-friendly countries in Europe, it’s still a wonderful destination to visit with your dog. And with its spectacular scenery, especially during the short summer months, it can make for a great summer road trip with your pup. Read on to find out what it’s like … Read more

Dog-Friendly Belgium: Travelling in Belgium with a Dog

Travelling in Belgium with a dog

When I think of Belgium, I immediately think of beer and chocolate. And while it’s best not to let your dog indulge in either, you should consider taking your dog along on your trip to Belgium. With lots of dog-friendly options to choose from in, it’s an easy European country to travel in with your … Read more

Dog-Friendly Luxembourg: Visiting Luxembourg with a Dog

Dog-friendly Luxembourg City

With its location in Europe in between Germany, France and Belgium, the city of Luxembourg makes for a great quick getaway destination. And not surprising given its neighbours, it’s quite a dog-friendly destination. Read through my recommendations for a dog-friendly visit to Luxembourg, especially Luxembourg City. Travelling to Luxembourg City with a Dog Luxembourg is … Read more

Dog-Friendly Ardennes, Belgium: Visiting with a Dog

Dog-Friendly Dinant

This post was created in conjunction with Vallée les Etoiles The Ardennes region in south-eastern Belgium is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday, far away from bustling, modern life. Yet this forested, mountainous region is just over an hour from Brussels, 3.5 hours from Paris and 3 hours from Calais. And best of all … Read more