26 of the Best Fenced Dog Parks in Queensland

Queensland is home to a large number of wonderful fenced dog parks. Whether you’re looking for somewhere more secure for your pup to let off steam or are on the road and don’t want to risk your dog getting lost in a strange town, fenced dog parks are a great solution. Check out some of the best fenced dog parks in Queensland, from fenced dog parks in Brisbane, to some in the outback…

Best Fenced Dog Parks in Queensland

Fenced Dog Parks in Brisbane

Brisbane has a huge number of dog parks, with over 150 just in the Brisbane City Council local government area. And plenty of them are fenced. These are some of the best fenced dog parks in Brisbane…

#1 Victoria Park Off-Leash Dog Park, Spring Hill

If you’re living or staying close to the centre of Brisbane, one of the closest off-leash dog parks to the city centre is the Victoria Park Off-Leash Dog Park. This dog park is located on the northern edge of Spring Hill, next to the Centenary Pool.

Victoria Park Off-Leash Dog Park consists of two fenced off-leash areas, with one just for small dogs. While not the highest fence, it’ll still contain most dogs. There’s a wide range of agility equipment to provide a challenge to dogs, plus water taps and bowls.

Victoria Park Off-Leash Dog Park
Victoria Park Off-Leash Dog Park has two separate fenced areas

#2 Tuckeroo Dog Park, Nudgee Beach

One of the most popular off-leash dog beaches in Brisbane is the Kedron Brook Off-Leash Swimming Area at Nudgee Beach. As well as this muddy sand flat that dogs can enjoy a paddle at, the location is also home to an fenced dog park.

Search for “Nudgee Beach Dog Park” on Google Maps, which will lead you to the Tuckeroo Dog Park. There’s plenty of parking in the adjacent carpark, and even a coffee/dog wash van on popular days.

It’s a great spot for an off-leash runs on days that you want to your dog to stay dry and mud-free. The park includes a separate area for small dogs and puppies, plus agility equipment and a shelter.

Tuckeroo Dog Park
Tuckeroo Dog Park at Nudgee Beach

#3 Kroll Gardens Dog Park, Clontarf

Heading to the Redcliffe Peninsula, one of the best fenced dog parks in this part of Brisbane is the Kroll Gardens Dog Park, also known as the Redcliffe Dog Park. The dog park is located next to the Redcliffe Waste Transfer Station, with a carpark accessible off Duffield Road.

This huge dog park is completely fenced, perfect for longer off-leash walks but without the the danger of your dog dashing onto a road. Choose between wide open expanses, a track underneath the shady trees or the agility equipment. There’s also a separate smaller section for small dogs.

#4 Bellara Dog Park, Bribie Island

Bribie Island is a popular destination for dogs from the Brisbane area, thanks to its wonderful off-leash dog beach. However, if you’re wanting to let your dog run around off-leash, but without getting sandy or wet, instead head to the Bellara Dog Park.

This fenced dog park is located in Bellara, on Sylvan Beach Esplanade, adjacent to the Marine Parade roundabout. The park has plenty of shade, perfect for keeping cool on sunny days. There’s also seating and a shelter.

Bellara Dog Park
The fenced Bellara Dog Park on Bribie Island

#5 Flagstone Dog Park, Flagstone

For a very different type of dog park, head to Flagstone Dog Park. This park is located in the City of Logan, on the southwestern edge of Brisbane, and is a terrific option for warm days. Search for “Flagstone Regional Park” on Google Maps, with the dog park located to the north of the children’s playground and water park, near Walker Circuit.

The park includes a water play area with water jets, the first of its kind that I’ve heard of in Australia. The park is also fully fenced and includes a second area for smaller dogs. It’s a pity I didn’t have a change to visit it and experience it first hand with my pup!

Fenced Dog Parks in Southeast Queensland

There’s plenty more fenced dog parks in Southeast Queensland, not just in Brisbane. Check out these fenced dog parks on the Gold Coast, on the Sunshine Coast, in Toowoomba and in Stanthorpe, heart of the Granite Belt wine region.

#1 Saltwater Fenced Dog Park, Hope Island

One of the best dog parks on the Gold Coast is the Saltwater Fenced Dog park. This park is located on Hope Island, on the northern edges of the Gold Coast, and not far from the freeway, so is handy if you are driving through the area or from Brisbane.

The highlight of the fully-fenced park is its swimming lagoon (with a rope in the lagoon connecting to the fence on either side). The park also has picnic tables, water fountains and agility equipment. Dogs can also be walked on-leash on the path around the adjacent lake, although they are not allowed in the western half of the larger Saltwater Park.

Lagoon at Saltwater Fenced Dog Park
Dogs love the swimming lagoon at Saltwater Fenced Dog Park
Saltwater Fenced Dog Park
There’s also agility equipment at the park

#2 Tallebudgera Off-Leash Agility Dog Island, Elanora

At the other end of the Gold Coast is the Tallebudgera Off-Leash Agility Dog Island. The park is located at Eddie Kornhauser Recreational Reserve in Elanora.

This dog park is technically not fenced. Instead, as you may guess from the name, it’s an island, surrounded by a wide expanse of water, with two walkways connecting it to the rest of the surrounding on-leash reserve.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to visit this park, but regular visitors love it. It’s a large area with seats and shade, the chance of a swim in the creek and there’s also dog agility equipment.

#3 Brightwater Dog Park, Mountain Creek

On the Sunshine Coast, most of the dog parks are unfenced, but there’s a handful of fenced options available. For fenced dog parks within the Sunshine Coast Council local government area, check out the map on their website – the parks with stars next to them are fenced.

One of the fenced parks is the Brightwater Dog Park at Mountain Creek, near Mooloolaba. This excellent fenced dog park has double gates, plenty of shade and dog agility equipment.

Brightwater Dog Park
Brightwater Dog Park is a fenced off-leash area on the Sunshine Coast

#4 Clearview Street Park, Newtown

Heading inland to the city of Toowoomba, again the city is home to plenty of off-leash dog exercise areas, but the majority of them are unfenced. One of the only fenced dog parks is Clearview Street Park, to the northwest of the city centre in Newtown.

This hillside expanse of fenced grass is reasonably large. It has secure double gates, plus inside there is a sheltered picnic table and water fountains. Unfortunate, there’s not much shade. If you’d prefer a shady walk with your dog instead head to Black Gully Park located across the street, although your dog will ned to stay on leash.

Clearview Street Fenced Dog Park
The fenced Clearview Street Dog Park in Toowoomba

#5 Connor Street Park, Stanthorpe

The quiet country town of Stanthorpe is a popular destination in southeast Queensland thanks to the surrounding Granite Belt wine region. It’s also a wonderfully dog-friendly destination, although it’s not home to many off-leash dog parks.

The sole off-leash dog park in Stanthorpe is located on Connor Street, on the southern side to the west of Talc Street. The park has been recently fenced, plus it has picnic benches, chairs, poo bag dispensers and bins within the area, plus a water fountain just outside. 

Unfortunately, there’s not much shade in the park, at least until the nearby trees mature, so it’s best to visit early or late in the day. Also keep an eye out for bindis – there were quite a few when I visited.

Off-Leash Dog Park Stanthorpe
The fenced off-leash dog park in Stanthorpe

Fenced Dog Parks in Central Queensland

Heading north of the Sunshine Coast, there’s also some great fenced dog parks located along the coast in Central Queensland, from Hervey Bay to Mackay. Visit one of these fenced dog parks with your pup…

#1 Blaxland Road Dog Park, Urraween

There’s a large number of off-leash exercise areas for dogs in the Hervey Bay region, including five fenced dog parks and nine off-leash parks. One of the most central fenced dog parks is the Blaxland Road Dog Park, on Blaxland Road in Urraween.

The large fenced area contains agility equipment, a picnic shelter, water fountain and bin, although it’s lacking in other shade. Recently, a separate area for small dogs was set up. On Google Maps, search for “Augustus Estate Playground”.

Augustus Estate Dog Park
The off-leash Blaxland Road Dog Park near Hervey Bay

There’s also a second fenced off-leash dog park on the other side of Urraween, on Julie Ann Street. This park is marked as “Urraween Dog Park” on Google Maps. This park also has agility equipment and a separate area for small dogs.

#2 Daph Geddes Park Dog Park, East Bundaberg

If visiting Bundaberg with a dog, there are two off-leash dog parks to choose from, as well as another two at Bargara. We visited the dog park at Daph Geddes Park in East Bundaberg.

This large off-leash dog exercise area is fulled fenced, although there isn’t much shade, so it would be best to visit early or late in the day. The park has a double-gated entry, along with a single picnic shelter and agility equipment.

Daph Geddes Park
The off-leash dog park at Daph Geddes Park in Bundaberg

There is a similar set-up at the other off-leash dog park in Bundaberg, The Edina Street Park in North Bundaberg, which is also fully fenced.

#3 Charles St Dog Park, Rockhampton

A wonderful spot in Rockhampton to visit with your dog are the Kershaw Gardens. It’s a great spot to enjoy an on-leash walk with your dog, plus there’s a signposted off-leash exercise area at the southern end of the park, near the Dowling Street Car Park.

However, there’s also a second off-leash dog park at Kershaw Gardens, which we didn’t notice on any signs. This off-leash dog park is a fenced agility park next to the Charles Street Car Park. While small in size and lacking in shade, it’s well set-up for practicing agility. There’s a water tap with a bowl.

Charles St Dog Park Rockhampton
The Charles Street Dog Park in Rockhampton

#4 Olive Dorey Park, Lammermoor

If you’re visiting Yeppoon with your dog, while there’s only one off-leash dog park in the area, it’s a an excellent park that is fully fenced.

]The Olive Dorey Park is located on Clayton road in Lammermoor. The park contains three separate fenced areas, including one with agility equipment. The other two areas have plenty of shade and seating, plus there’s secure double gates.

Off-Leash Dog Park Lammermoor
The off-leash dog park at Lammermoor

#5 Queens Park Dog Park, Mackay

Mackay is home to three off-leash dog parks, great alternatives to the local beaches when it’s not beach weather or if you’re wanting to exercise your dog during the middle of the day (when off-leash dogs are not allowed on the beaches).

The closest dog park to the city centre is at Queens Park, a beautiful old park to the east of the city centre. Here there are two large fenced areas, one for small dogs (under 15kg) and one for large dogs. There’s also plenty of shade, water fountains and picnic benches.

The best spot to park to access the dog parks is alongside East Gordon Street, just east of the Chain Street intersection. 

Queens Park Dog Park Mackay
The fenced dog exercise parks at Queens Park in Mackay

#6 Police Dog Tunza Dog Park, North Mackay

Mackay is also home to two more off-leash dog parks. The next best option is the Police Dog Tunza Dog Park in North Mackay. The park is named after a heroic local police dog, and is also known as the Gooseponds Dog Park. It’s located opposite the rear of North Mackay State Primary School.

This off-leash dog park is also fully fenced, although the fence is only about 1m high, so keep a careful eye on larger and more athletic dogs. There’s also a variety of agility equipment, picnic tables inside the fenced area and a large carpark adjacent. 

Gooseponds Dog Park Agility Equipment
The Police Dog Tunza Dog Park in North Mackay
Gooseponds Dog Park with Dog
Testing out Police Dog Tunza Dog Park

Fenced Dog Parks in North Queensland

If you’re visiting or living in North Queensland, there’s a number of fenced dog parks that you can visit with your dog, even a new fenced dog park in Cooktown. Check out these fenced dog parks in Tropical Queensland…

#1 Ayr Dog Park, Ayr

If you’re driving along the Bruce Highway with a dog through Ayr , don’t miss stopping off at the Ayr Dog Park. This hidden gem of a dog park is unmarked on Google Maps. To find it, head to Kennedy Street at the northern edge of Plantation Park. It’s close to the Gudjuda Deck Cafe.

This excellent dog park has a secure entrance, high fences and a separate area for small dogs. There’s even plenty of agility equipment and convenient seats, not to mention some cute signs addressed at your dog!

Ayr Dog Park with Dog
Checking out the Ayr Dog Park
Ayr Dog Park Sign
Make sure you dog reads the signs!

#2 Murray Paw Park, Annandale

While there’s a shortage of off-leash dog beaches in Townsville, there’s no such shortage of off-leash dog parks. Even better, many of them fenced and most contain excellent, well-maintained facilities for pups.

While visiting Townsville, we visited multiple dog parks, including the Murray Paw Park. This off-leash dog park is located in Annandale on the southern side of Townsville, just off Stuart Drive and not far from the Bruce Highway bypass around the city.

The park is fully fenced with double gate entrances. There’s a second smaller section for small dogs, with a recommendation at the gate that it’s for dogs under 8kg or under 35cm high. The park also had shade and benches, agility equipment, water and poop bags.

Murray Paw Park Agility Equipment
The Murray Paw Park in Townsville
Murray Paw Park Small Dog Area
The park also has a separate area for small dogs

We also visited the Rossiter Park Off-Leash Dog Park, further west and just across the river from the Palmetum botanical garden. This park also had similar facilities, but not a second area for small dogs. To see the full list of dog parks in Townsville, check out the council website

#3 Lissner Park Dog Park, Charters Towers

If you head inland from Townsville, you’ll soon reach the historic city of Charters Towers. This city is home to some beautiful parks, and luckily dogs don’t miss out.

Lissner Park is close to the city centre, just a few blocks north of Gill Street. Head to the southeastern corner and you’ll find a wonderful fully-fenced dog park. With plenty of shade, seating, a water fountain and even some agility equipment, it’s a great spot to head for some off-leash fun. 

Lissner Park Dog Park
A shady seat at the Lissner Park Dog Park in Charters Towers

#4 Atherton Dog Park, Atherton

The Atherton Tablelands, a cooler region on the tablelands inland from Cairns, is a wonderfully dog-friendly destination, thanks to its many attractions that welcome dogs. While visiting the area, don’t miss heading to the Atherton Dog Park to enjoy some off-leash time.

Located near the Chinese Temple, the Atherton Dog Park is a large area that is fully fenced. The parks has plenty of shade, water bowls and seats. There’s even a collection of tennis racquets and a tennis ball dispenser (if not empty) – great for games with your pup!

Atherton Off-Leash Dog Park
The Atherton Dog Park in Atherton

#5 Barron Waters Park, Caravonica

While Goomboora Park is one of the most popular dog parks in Cairns (and a must to visit), unfortunately, it isn’t fenced. If you’d prefer to instead visit a fenced dog park, instead head to Barron Waters / Burrawungal Park in Caravonica, on the western edge of Cairns.

This park has a large off-leash area at the northern half of the park. There’s also a newer separate section for small dogs. And your dogs can also enjoy a swim here, with a lagoon in the middle of the park. (While man-made and unlikely to have crocs, just double check if there’s any warning signs.) The park also has plenty of shade and water taps for humans and dogs.

#6 George Davis Park Dog Park, Mossman

Heading further north, Mossman is also home to a fenced off-leash dog park, located at George Davis Park, on the northern side of town. The off-leash area is located in the northwestern corner of the park, just past the pump track.

While not the largest area, it is fully fenced, with a secure entrance gate. There’s also plenty of parking nearby along Foxton Avenue. It’s a handy spot to stop if you’re heading further north with your pup to the Daintree region.

Mossman Off-Leash Dog Park
Mossman has a fenced dog park at George Davis Park

#7 Cooktown Dog Park, Cooktown

Heading even further north, the remote outpost of Cooktown is about as far north as you can go in Queensland, if you only have a 2WD vehicle like we did on our road trip. It’s a great spot to spend some time relaxing, including if you have a dog.

While there are multiple areas where dogs are allowed off-leash around town (with just the requirement to keep them under control), since I visited in 2021 a fenced dog park has also been established. The park is located opposite 2 Walker Street – search for the “Dog Park” pin on Google Maps.

There are two separate fenced areas, for small and large dogs (or active small dogs who think they’re big dogs!) Both areas have water and shelter, plus there’s some agility equipment.

Fenced Dog Parks in Outback Queensland

If you’re heading to the Outback region of Queensland, don’t give up hope of finding a fenced dog park (although don’t have high expectations for green grass). Check out these handful of fenced dog parks in Outback Queensland…

#1 Julia Creek Off-Leash Dog Park, Julia Creek

The outback town of Julia Creek is about a 90 minute drive east of Cloncurry, along the Overlander’s Way. It’s a popular destination to visit these days, thanks to its friendly people and artesian baths.

While not pinned on Google Maps, there’s a great fenced dog park in Julia Creek, the Julia Creek Off-Leash Dog Park. Located right opposite the Julia Creek Caravan Park, the off-leash dog exercise area is fully fenced with a secure double gate. Inside there’s a large shelter with seating, plus play equipment for pups.

Julia Creek Off Leash Dog Park Entrance
The Julia Creek Off-Leash Dog Park
Julia Creek Off Leash Dog Park Inside
Facilities inside the park

#2 Sunset Dog Park, Sunset

If visiting Mt Isa and the Outback with your dog, make sure you head to the Sunset Dog Park. This fully fenced off-leash dog park is located within the Edna Medley Park in the suburb of Sunset, in between Sunset Drive and Commercial Road.

With nice shady trees and even some grass when we visited (although keep an eye out for prickles), the park also has seats, water fountains and poo bags. There’s a separate smaller section for reactive dogs.

Sunset Dog Park in Mt Isa
The Sunset Dog Park in Mt Isa
Mt Isa Dog Park Sign
Make sure you read the signs at the gate!

#3 Biloela Dog Park, Biloela

Another Outback town in Queensland with a fenced dog park is Biloela. This off-leash park is located within Jim Hooper Park next to the Dawson Highway, or just search for “Biloela Dog Park” on Google Maps.

The well-maintained fenced dog park is a massive area with high fences. Inside there’s agility equipment, water and bins – just bring your own poop bags. Also keep an eye out for bindis.

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